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FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

FM WhatsApp Apk is the revolutionarily streamlined WhatsApp mod that elevates your communication journey to the whole new peak of perfection with a non-restricted, more private, and adapted chatting streak. It takes your privacy seriously and brings verified security stats along with a decisive vulnerability to lags, errors, and bans.

You get to enjoy a controlled messaging, calling, and socializing journey with it along with technically modernized mod features. With the extra chat features, a customizable interface greets you along with a brand-new collection of fonts, styles, and themes. Not only this but also the multiple WhatsApp account support on the same device marks excellence for you. Also, the extended sharing and professionally induced compatibility make it an all-in-one hub. So, get it downloaded from the given link and have fun.

What is FM WhatsApp APK

In the world of a digitalized messaging streak, the FM WhatsApp APK has maintained a top-notch connecting peak with its extensively popularized range of new features. It is the popular choice of millions of users from all around the globe that serves to pace the way toward a fast, customized, and personalized chatting domain.

It promises to take your WhatsApp experience to a whole new level of fun with a remarkable range of fun features including auto-reply, deleted message retrieval, and anti-delete statuses. Also, the fun of customizing the interface with iconic styles, versatile themes, and impressive fonts is something worth praising.

What is FM WhatsApp APK
FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version

In addition, you also get to hide view status and a blue tick that enables you to add masking effects to your view activity. Along with this, the unique emoji collection is presented to you along with a new avatar creation with a brand-new collection of customized avatars. Not only this, but also the call filtering, voice changing, and message scheduling are activated.

Overall, the FMWA APK is a customizable mod of WhatsApp with an additional array of premium features that take your WhatsApp journey to new heights. Also, it acts like a message scheduler along with customized replies with anti-delete message stability. So, for the extra chat features with non-restricted voice messaging, audio and video calling, and socializing, download the FM WhatsApp Fouad Mod for free and have fun.

About FM WhatsApp Update Key Stats

For a personalized WhatsApp journey, there could be nothing much more elevating than to access a mod of the official WhatsApp, and among the long array of the mods that one should select is striking. For this, the FM WhatsApp Update proves to be the real choice. It is an easily accessible mod that is not only free but also full of all the modernized features and verified security stats.

Also, it comes with unlimited incredible key stats that are there to mark excellence in its functional domain. With a high-rise compatible with all the devices whether it is a high-end device or a low-end device, the app has pinched the universal charm. The fun-amalgamated avatar creation, app locking, and personalization assets make you use WhatsApp to the highest capability and that is what makes it a super-choice with the following key assets.

  • Free to download
  • Easy to use
  • Safe in operation
  • Notification customization
  • No pop-ups on share
  • No registration needed
  • Root-free
  • Errors are corrected

How to Use FM WhatsApp: Tips and Tricks

Do you dream of enjoying your FM WA Mod on a prolific level with non-restricted access to all its mod features? if yes then you will be fully relieved by seeking help from the below section. Here, we have started a user guide for this premium quality app along with some superlative tips and tricks that will take you towards the desired slot possession. So, carefully read the below section and learn the expert tips to get the maximum out of the usage of this astounding chatting hub.

  • If it is done, now is the time to explore the app from its interface which is also customizable.
  • You can change this interface with effective fonts, themes, and desired style.
  • Set the multi-layered lock on a specific chat or to all your chats.
  • Read the deleted messages and watch the deleted statuses even if it is deleted by the person.
  • Share 100s of images, extended videos, and up to 1 GB files.
  • Hide the status view and watch it without making others know about it.
  • Set some automated responses whenever you are busy that will boost your communication.
  • Download others’ statuses at super-fast speed.
  • Forward a message without the correlated arrow rather with a fully personalized approach.

Key Highlights

Key Highlights of FM WhatsApp

When it comes to functional assets, the FMWA stands out to be the prioritized choice of the millions of WhatsApp users and offers an aesthetic array of the key operatives that are highlighted below. Let’s catch know-how about them and get our communication task done with the following functional assets.

  • Auto-update
  • 100% working
  • Optimized app
  • Non-restricted
  • Verified security
  • Subscription free
  • End-to-end encrypted
  • High-end compatibility
  • Error-resistant

Key Features

Get ready to embark on an admirable communication journey with the latest version of the FAWA and make your chatting, calling, and media file share free from all kinds of restrictions with an array of advanced features. The features are remarkably appealing and listed below. So, let’s get an insight into these features.

  • Cutting-edge Customizations
  • Anti-Delete Message and Status
  • Message Scheduling
  • App Lock
  • Hide Status and Blue Ticks
  • Block Calls and Contacts
  • DND Mode
  • No File Restrictions
  • Multiple Account Support
  • Bulk Transfer
Cutting-edge Customizations

Cutting-edge Customizations

One of the sensational features of FM WhatsApp is the cutting-edge customizability that the app presents for the interface, chats, calls, and visual appeal. You get to amplify your chat window with the best fonts, themes, and styles that advance a venerable effect for it.

Anti-Delete Message and Status

Anti-Delete Message and Status

Read the deleted messages by your contacts with an impressive anti-delete feature of the app and enjoy magnified all-time access to all the messages sent to you without any worry. Along with this, the anti-delete status feature is there to help you watch the statuses after they are deleted which is also remarkable.

Message Scheduling

Message Scheduling

Enjoy additional relief in the form of message scheduling that helps you deliver some timely replies even if you are not available. You just have to type a message and decide the delivery time and it will facilitate you in the decided domain.

App Lock

App Lock

Lock your app, chats, or a group with a multi-layer app locking feature and enjoy making your chats much more private with the selected question answer progressive unlocking method or with a fingerprint. Also, the gesture pattern is available along with a PIN code to add a multi-layer locking slot to your app.

Hide Status and Blue Ticks

Hide Status and Blue Ticks

Unlike the official version of WhatsApp, the mod version of the FMWA allows you to hide the status from some of your contacts and make it visible to others. Also, you get to hide the blue tick and delay your response to a particular message with feel that it is still not executed.

Block Calls and Contacts

If a particular contact in your list irritates you with frequent calls then you can easily deny the call access for that selected contact. Along with this, you can block the contacts with super-ease.

DND Mode

Do not disturb mode is one of the best features that increase the ratio of your concentration on a particular slot. Its activation directly implies that you will not get annoying modifications and calls rather the selected contacts will be allowed while the rest will be on the DND Mode.

No File Restrictions

No File Restrictions

For an awesome user experience, the non-restricted slot on the file sharing is applied in this mod version. This feature strategizes extended shares up to 1 GB along with 100s of images at once.

Multiple Account Support

Multiple Account Support

You are also provided with multiple account support that makes you able to use both, the official WhatsApp app and the FMWA on your device. This feature enhances its worth and adds to its appeal.

Bulk Transfer

Bulk Transfer

Transfer 100s of images at once to your private groups or to the selected contacts that set you free from the hassles of spending too much in sending images one time. So, save your time and make your images, videos, and files transfer much more amplified.

Additional Features of FM WhatsApp

In addition to the impressive array of the above-stated features, an aesthetic range of other advanced features is also there that help to decorate your journey with further amplifiers. These are also the core constructs that also listed in this post. So, let’s also get an insight into these advanced stats.

  • Anti-Ban Mode
  • Increased Group Members
  • Voice Changer
  • Privacy Hacks
  • Long Length Status
  • Call Filtering
  • Extended Media Sharing
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • No Pop-Ups
Anti-Ban Mode
Increased Group Members
Voice Changer
Privacy Hacks
Call Filtering
Extended Media Sharing
Multi-Lingual Support
No Pop-Ups

Alternative Apps in 2024

Get ready to explore some of the thrilling alternatives to the FM WA that are somehow related to it in terms of the modified chatting slot possession which makes them worth exploring options. There could be versatile alternatives but the top 4 are stated in the below section that are modified with some amazing stats. For this, seek help from the below section.

  • NA WhatsApp
  • NS WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • MB WhatsApp
NA WhatsApp
NS WhatsApp
WhatsApp Plus
MB WhatsApp

Pros and Cons

Just like any other application, the FM WA APK also comes with advantages and disadvantages that make it somehow neglectable, but worth knowing. You get to assess the app with its drawbacks and benefits and then decide whether you are going with it or not. So, learn about them by exploring the following section.


  • Unlimited Cool Features
  • Extended sharing
  • Multiple privacy options
  • Multi-layered security lock
  • Customizable interface
  • Calls and contacts blocking
  • Anonymous number messaging
  • Anti-restricted access
  • Anti-delete statuses
  • No reloading


  • Unofficial status
  • Accessed only from a third-party source

Original WhatsApp Vs Mod Version

We have compared the original WhatsApp with the FM WA to make a clear-cut distinction between these two versions and for this, we have designed a table. The table covers all the elaborated specs that magnify the mod version that to the official one and it provides an effective way to magnify the importance of the mod version. So, let’s explore this distinction.

FeaturesWhatsAppNS WhatsApp APK
    Interface    No Customization    Customizable
    File size limit    100 MB    1 GB
    Deleted Message retrieval    No    Yes
    Broadcast message limit    Up to 250    Up to 1024
    Multi-layered lock    No    Yes
    Themes    Light and dark only    1000s of themes
    Video sharing limit    Up to 16 MB    Up to 1 GB
    Available on the Play Store    Yes    No
    Fonts and Styles    Default    Unlimited
    Auto reply    No    Yes
    DND Mode    No    Yes
    Forward message limit    Up to 5 contacts    Up to 256+ contacts
    Hide online status    No    Yes
    Number of Images share at once    Up to 30    Up to 100

Common Questions with Answers

Most of the users come up with some of the most frequent questions that are the key preps that lead you towards a successful installation and usage of the app. You need to do these preps so that an error-free, hassle-free, and non-interrupted in-app journey can be enjoyed. So, let’s explore these questions along with the answers and pace our way toward successful app usage.

Problem: How to Update FM WhatsApp without Losing Data

Solution: It is very easy to update your FM WA without losing your contacts, important files, and related data is stated below with expertly suggested tips which are as follows:

  • Do visit a trusted third-party source such as our website.
  • Look for the updated version availability.
  • If it is available then click to download it on your device.
  • Then begin installing it and launch it.
  • In case, the updated version is not available then wait for it as soon get it.

Problem: How to Backup my Chats

Solution: Another most common question that strikes is about the chat back-up which is very simple but only if you are following the right steps. To get it all done, follow the given steps.

  • Open up the WhatsApp mod version on your device.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  • Go to the “Settings” option by clicking on it.
  • You will see the “Chats” option that is the next to click.
  • Tab the “Chat Backup” option and back up your chats.

Problem: How to Allow Unknown Resources

Solution: Your feat towards a successful app installation is measured on the condition that whether you have enabled the unknown resources or not and few simple steps are involved in it. It includes the following.

  • Open your Android.
  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Now, open up “Advanced Settings”.
  • Find the “Security” or the “Privacy” option and click on it.
  • Hit the “Unknown Resources” option and get it activated.

System Requirements for the Latest Version

Using FM WA with all the modified privacy stats and brilliant features collection is very easy and comes with a few simple requirements that are meant to be met. These are functionality boosters that are required to be taken into account so that a hassle-free slot for all the prolific fun assets can be enjoyed and the following easy terms are counted in it.

  • Android Operating System
  • 77 MBs of free space
  • Latest version v10.06
  • Android requirements 5.1+

How to Download FM WhatsApp APK

Downloading and installing the FM Mod version of WhatsApp is quite very easy and simple that involves no payment, no hassle, and no extra effort but a few simple steps that you can see below. These are the expert tips to provide you with full access to the app on your Android or PC and we stated the step-by-step guide.

How to Download and Install FM WhatsApp v8.35 on Android

Follow the few very simple, easy, and smooth steps stated below and enjoy installing the latest version of the FM WA on your Android. The following steps are included in it.

  • Click on the given download button.
  • Let the downloading complete.
  • Go to your Android “settings’ and then into the “Downloads”.
  • Locate the downloaded APK and click to install the APK.
  • Let it complete and launch the app.

Allow unknown resources before installing the app.

How to FM WhatsApp APK on a PC

Follow the steps stated in the below section and download the FM WA APK on your PC. The following are included in it.

  • Steps First of all, download and install the BlueStacks Emulator on your PC.
  • Click to download the app and let it complete.
  • Open the BlueStacks emulator and access the APK file.
  • Click to install it and get the app on your desktop.
  • Now tap to launch it and begin your communication.

If you are facing issues in downloading and installing the FM WA on your PC with the above-stated methods then try the online web browse methods that involve the following steps.

  • First thing first, open Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Write “WhatsApp web” and search for it.
  • Tab the “” that will be the very first option.
  • With this, a new screen with a scan bar will appear.
  • Go to your Android and click the top 3 dots.
  • Now tap on the “Linked devices”.
  • Confirm the prompt with your finger biometric.
  • Compete scanning and let the chats be uploaded to the 100%.
  • It will prompt all your chats that are now ready to be used on your PC screen.

Do not forget to connect your PC to a stable internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FM WA APK is one of the feature-rich mods of WhatsApp that offers 100s of advanced features to its users than to the official version.

No, there is no need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp to use its FM Mod version rather you can use both on the same device at the same time.

Yes, it is 100% safe to use FM WhatsApp on your Androids by accessing it from a secure third-party source such as our website.

No, you don’t have to work hard to fix the advertisements in the FM WA Mod Apk rather avail an ads-free version with all-fixed.

The FM Mod of WhatsApp allows you to share videos of a maximum of 1 GB which is more than enough to meet your needs.

Final Words

To sum up, the FM WhatsApp Apk is the most hyped WhatsApp Mod that offers you to enjoy a restriction-free communication slot with endless mod features. It greets you in the most admirable chatting hub with all its incredible themes, fonts, and interface decorating stats and provides you with the best of customized chatting domains without any correlated trouble. You get to set the auto-replies, hide online status, watch status without others knowing that you have watched it, and hide the chats.

Overall, the app offers you an aesthetic array of fun-facilitating features and its prolific functionality combines to facilitate you in the best of the all-time interactive slot. Moreover, all that you need to know about it is stated in this post and is worth exploring. You just need to explore our post and know everything about this super-thrilling mod of WhatsApp. So, get this app downloaded and step forward to make your communication full of fun.

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